En Familie (A Family) (2010)

What is more important? Having a baby with the person you love or have the dream of your life time come through? Have your dream come through or support a person that brought you to this world and gave whatever was possible to bring your life to the point it is now? How far and for how long may one go forward with obligation till his inner being says that this cannot go on anymore? What does it mean to a person the fact that, whatever him and his ancestors struggled for a lifetime will be lost in the midst of time despite what he wished for? What is companionship and sharing one’s life? What is important for oneself and what for one’s companion? How does one deal with loss? How does one deal with the ultimate loss all of us humans face?

These questions and many more are thoroughly explored in a realistic, sensitive, humane, intelligent way in the film of the writer and director Pernille Fischer Christensen , “En Famiile”.

It is not a film that will cheer you up. It is a film that will make you wonder how a director managed to say so many things in such a short time frame with such intimacy. The answer may be that this is why cinema is the 7th art! Do not miss it.

My rating: 09/10

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