La fin du silence (2011)

 What makes a teenager a rebel? Why one of the three kids in a family behaves like an outlaw inside it? Although the behavior is outrageous and subconsciously condemned by the spectator at first, the reasons behind it are gradually revealed. Kids are never the ones to blame.

Brute violence, hidden secrets in a film that pins you down.

My rating: 07/10

Another Happy Day (2011)

 The irony starts with the title itself: “Another Happy Day“! People that appear problematic regarding their behavior are difficult to relate to. However as more information is provided regarding the causes that drove them to this state, a paradigm shift occurs.

An American family unites again because of a wedding. Completely different people with different aspects for life are again brought together for a couple of days. People that never spent a moment in their lives to think about life itself. People that try to figure out what is the meaning of it, why we hurt each other, why we do not care…

This difference was never portrayed in a better way, like a lancet cutting through the behavior of the indifferent uncaring mass. It is not a movie you want to see when you are feeling down. It is however a movie you should not miss.

My rating: 09/10

Another Earth (2011)

 The film was promoted as a Science Fiction one, to be rightfully placed next to “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Moon“. The truth is that when it started, it did not look promising. Not at all. There are no hard references to a science background. But as the story progressed it became evident that it is a great film.

The only link to fantasy (not science fiction) is the appearance of a second Earth, similar to ours, with identical people on top of it, continents, cities, places, problems, hopes…

The film can be “read” in two ways. The first one, is a well told story about the recklessness of a teenager that ruins its life, the remorse, and an honest effort for redemption. It is also the story of a man’s ruined life which begins to change when a caring person enters its life.

The second one which is built on top of the previous one, is the most interesting one, but being of symbolic nature, also harder to decipher. There is a phrase in the movie which expresses its very essence. Though its exact words escape my memory, the basic idea is that man has put enormous effort in studying things much bigger than him, i.e. the stars  and things much smaller than him, yet, the most challenging thing of them both, i.e. himself is the thing he knows less of them all.

Mike Cahill‘s Another Earth is a jewel that one should not miss.

My rating: 09/10

Inni (2011)

 Inni is a film about the Sigur Rós post-rock band.

You may ask: how on earth did I see this film? Well, it is one of these things that cannot be easily explained! Ok, I did not know the band, so the music was new to me as well as the film…

So, since this is a musical documentary, first the music: fractions of melody torn apart by loudness, but there are some pieces worth listening. The film: it did have the intensity of the music, it followed in an excellent way the theme and course of it, although it was very tiring at times.

My rating: 05/10

Anna (2009)

 A short film about a twelve-year-old girl, Anna, abandoned by her father, left with her mother. A struggle to unite what cannot be brought together, or how the actions of grown-ups ruin the lives of their children. Strong, realistic, with an excellent script, acting and direction.

My rating: 07/10

Two birds (Smáfuglar) (2008)

Two birds: realistic, sensitive, humane, with two amazing actors playing the main characters. Again: saying anything more for the short film will spoil it. This film is also available in YouTube: Do NOT miss it.

My rating: 08/10

The Last Farm (2004)

 The Last Farm is a short film about old age and companionship. Mentioning anything significant would spoil the film. It is uploaded in YouTube with English subtitles.

My rating: 06/10.

Life in a Day (2011)

 What kind of film is “Life in a Day”? It is one of the few times the “story” of the film is not so well defined in imdb, but in wikipedia.

So, after you’ve read what is all about, now you know there is no plot! It is the day of 24th July 2010 as lived by different people, as the day progresses from morning to night. Different human moments, views, opinions, aspects, feelings, interactions to a set of a questions (what do you love? What do you fear? etc.).

Have you ever wondered how “representative” is the life you are driving? How different is it in different places of the planet? How other people feel about their life, their feelings, their companions, their children, nations, politics, what is important for them and what is not?

So, there are in this film like one hundred directors (or more), a montage which is a feast, an outcome which is extraordinary, sensitive at times, filled with different moments of one minute duration (more or less), like something that somebody might show to an alien if he was asked: so, what are you humans look like?

A movie you definitely should not miss.

My rating: 09/10

Gandu (2010)

 Gandu in Indian language means looser, moron, asshole, etc. Two young people leading a miserable life in a city in India. Hand made low-cost drugs provide an escape from reality. A reality that for Gandu, leaves room for nothing. He tries to express his agony with rap music, being a total looser in any other aspect of life. Till something unexpected happens in his life.

A music tightly coupled with the scenery, tense, aggressive, beat-driven, with verses that break bones. Photography from surprising angles, montage techniques escaping the ordinary, black-and-white interrupted by color in few happy moments.

If you are not shocked from the total decadence, extreme misery shown and hard porn scenes, this is a totally different film worth seen just for its diversity.

My rating: 07/10

Jess + Moss (2011)

 Jess + Moss: The cruelty and sensitivity of children, the scars left by their parents… Sensitive? Yes. Photography? One of the best I’ve seen in a film. Worth seeing? Mmm, only for its photography …

My rating: 05/10