Pina Bausch (2011)

 It is extremely exciting when one art (the cinema in this case) attempts to elucidate the beauty of another (dance in this particular film). The camera has the ability to approach the faces of the dangers, which are not merely dancing, but also performing as actors their role, bringing extra detail and pleasure to the spectator. The focus on specific dangers at any particular time, the height from which scenes are displayed, carefully chosen to provide the out most of the performance, all present the best of each particular choreography.

Just for the first choreography, The Rite of Spring of Igor Stravinsky it is worth seeing this film. It would be impossible to pay attention to all the details presented even if you were lucky to see this thing in live. It is a wonderful experience. The Rite of Spring is not an easy musical piece to listen to. It is certain that you’ll enjoy the choreography more if you spend some time listening to it.

Apart from that, the way each member of Pina Bausch’s team narrated his/her thoughts, followed by a dancing performance of them, provides a mosaic of her personality to complete the one of the professional as shown by the different choreographies.

Pina Bausch by by Wim Wenders is a wonderful film.

My rating: 08/10

Chico & Rita (2010)

Chico & Rita: a world made of animated sketches. A story of love, passion, misunderstandings, well told. Sometimes one gets so carried away by the story that forgets that it’s an animation. There are scenes of amazing beauty, like the ones where the sun’s rays poke into the rooms, the way the coarse lines that comprise the Rita manage to convey a sexual appeal, the colors of the cars and the surrounding environment in Cuba, although stronger than in reality, make the whole scenery feel … real. The style of animation reminds me of “Waltz with Bashir“, but similarities stop there.

Worth seeing? Certainly.

My rating: 07/10

Hanna (2011)

 Looking for a good adventure? Hanna, although a story told before, with a variation, is a good one. Don’t expect too much in order not to get disappointed though 🙂

My rating: 05/10

In a better world (Hævnen) (2010)

Some films resemble a beautiful architecture. This is the case when many ideas are put seamlessly together to make a construct that points to specific direction. “In a better world” is one of these films. It explains how kids interpret the grown up’s world, where the pain from the loss of someone beloved turns into wrath for the injustice of the surrounding world and the people who love them. The way natural disagreements in the family make things worse. How this in turn may lead them to extreme actions that themselves may regret. Most of all however, the film makes the most multi-aspect comment on the issue of violence I have ever seen, elucidated in a brilliant manner.

A film you should not miss.

My rating: 09/10

London Boulevard (2010)

Well, some films you do not know why they make them for… I mean what is the purpose of doing it? Is there a goal, a meaning, the way to convey a message? Well, if the message is “we live in a violent world and violence and insanity rules”, this is not the film to convey that meaning. Because London Boulevard also flirts with a lot more than that and is not convincing.

My rating: 06/10 (just for the – sometimes – stylish direction)

Love Like Poison (Un poison violent) (2010)

Katell Quillévéré manages to create in her first non-short film,  un poison violent, a discussion on life and death, family relations, the human relations in general, religion and  how it helps or blocks people. Being in love is just a pretext to talk about the general picture. Sensitive, moving, realistic, saying more things in a subtle way than directly.

My rating: 08/10

PS. The lyrics of the song narrated at the end of the film, which I heard for the first time, is one ofmost erotic ones I know. belong to a song of Pierre Perret, called Ouvre (there is a link to the song in YouTube too). Since one never knows what happens to content of other sites, I’ve copied them here.

ouvre les yeux,réveille toi
ouvre l’oreille ouvre ta porte
c’est l’amour qui sonne et c’est moi
c’est moi,c’est moi qui te l’apporte

ouvre la fenêtre à tes seins
ouvre ton corsage de soie
ouvre ta robe sur tes reins
ouvre,ouvre qu’on voit

ouvre à mon coeur,ton coeur trop plein
j’irais le boire sur ta bouche
ouvre ta chemise de lin
ouvre,ouvre tout grand qu’on touche

ouvre les plis de tes rideaux
ouvre ton lit que je t’y traîne
il va s’échauffer sous ton dos
ouvre,ouvre l’arène

ouvre tes bras pour m’enlacer
ouvre tes seins que je m’y pose
ouvre aux fureurs de mon baiser
tes yeux,tes seins,tes lèvres roses

ouvre tes jambes,prends mes flancs
dans tes rondeurs blanches et lisses
ouvre aussi tes genoux tremblants
ouvre,ouvre tes cuisses

ouvre tout ce qu’on peut ouvrir
dans les chauds trésors de ton ventre
j’inonderais sans me tarir
l’habit,ce bel habit où j’entre

ouvre les yeux réveille toi
ouvre l’oreille ouvre ta porte
c’est l’amour qui sonne et c’est moi
c’est moi,c’est moi qui te l’apporte x2

ouvre les yeux réveille toi

When cinema predicts the future…

A friend send me an email reminding me one of  Akira Kurosawa‘s movies, called Dreams (1990). You may want to see the exempt from the movie. It is called Mount Fuji in Red.