Love and Bruises (2011)

loveNbruisesLove and Bruises” is all about what a relationship should NOT be. The desperate need for love leading to a doomed relationship, the wrong choices, humiliation, attachment to the wrong person because one cannot stand on its own feet. Acting is great, yet, this is a story told so many times, in so many different ways and lacks the spark that will really make it stand out from the lot.

My rating: 05/10

The Meaning of Life (2005)

The Meaning of Life” of Don Hertzfeldt is a short annimated film which you may see here. Austerity in the design, simple (but not simplistic), it shows the essence of the human (or extraterrestrial!!!) nature, the tendency we have to look at our (sometimes) small problems, argue, scream, feel sad, while all these things seem so … small when we look at the beauty of the bigger picture 🙂

My rating: 06/10

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990)

tiemeuptiemedownIt is really weird how a film with such a funny and silly (as it seems at first) plot can generate so much emotion. This is the characteristic of all Pedro Almodovar films anyway. “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” is not one of his masterpieces but there are two things I’d like to keep;.

The first is the reply of the director of a film (in the movie), to the remark that his film is more a love story than a horror film: “It is hard to tell them apart”! How true!

The second is the closing song of the film, “Resistiré“, which is one of the main dimensions of the film and I liked so much, that its translated lyrics follow:

When I loose all the games
When I sleep in the arms of solitude
When I find there’s no way out
And night won’t let me rest

When silence frightens me
When I no longer stand on my feet
When memories rebel
And push me against the wall

I will resist, to keep on living
I will into iron to toughen my skin
And even if the winds of life blow harder
I;ll be like the reed that bends
but does not break

I will resist, to continue living
I’ ll endure the bumps and never give up
And although my dreams are broken into pieces

I will resist, I will resist …

Creation (2009)

TheCreation_ loss of a child, the breakthrough of scientific thought, the anguish of a man and a woman living in the same house, once in love but not anymore. A fraction of Darwin‘s personal life given in a superb, breath-taking manner by a combination of the gifted play of Martha West, Jennifer Connelly but most of all Paul Bettany, the direction of Jon Amiel and a story based on the book “Annie’s Box” by Randal Keynes.

A story revealing the human soul behind the scientist, a story about the fact that unresolved issues inside us may hinder our creativity for decades, that uttering the untold held back by fear may make us free once more, bringing back peace, love and trust.

So many things in a condensed, non-tiring way, told gracefully as if Darwin’s life is a fairytale (or a nightmare). The scenes where Darwin speaks to his daughter Anny about Jenny the monkey and the one he looks at her playing on the beach are among the many to be remembered. Even the soundtrack is beautiful.

Creation is a film one should not miss.

My rating: 09/10



Supernova (2000)

SupernovaIt is unbelievable: this film had three (3) directors, mainly attributed to Walter Hill but among them is Francis Ford Coppola (uncredited)! Well, it reminds me of a proverb: “Too many captains run the ship ashore”. Acting? Awful. Avoid it.

My rating: 04/10

Tabu (2012)

tabuTabu of Miguel Gomes is a peculiar, unique movie. It is like two almost unconnected movies bind together, a short and a long story. Both talking about people: their differences and similarities, the ghosts haunting them. It is filmed in black and white (in 2012!). The director presents some scenes where one may here all nature sounds but not the people talking in the scene, as if this is of no importance to the plot. And yes, the eyes, the posture of the actor’s bodies, their attitude, shows more than the irrelevant verbal exchange they would have in that scene. The true story is narrated in the second part and this at times may be tiring but there are moments when it becomes very intense. Although a love story is hot a million times in the cinema, its presentation here has originality.

My rating: 06/10