Capital (2012)

 le-capital-poster-01Costas Gavras makes another brilliant film about the workings of our society. The Capital is about the way money controls our world and how it must multiply itself at the expense of people and States. A clever script which outlines the way ambitious people are used by the system and no matter how clever they are, no matter how much they understand about the games played around them, they have no choice, but to serve what they may hate the most. The debate between uncle and nephew during the family gathering, the talk at the end of the film between the banker and the book-author and the closing scene are the essence of the film: a distill of what we face now days. A must see.

My rating: 09/10


Cosmopolis (2012)

Cosmopolis is not an easy film to watch if its essence is to be understood. David Cronenberg created an allegory of the current western civilization status. The story of the movie teeters between explicitly defining the origins of our world’s troubles and using a symbolic language to say the rest of the story.

Unlike other symbolic films, the story of the film at a first level may be followed. Is not that intriguing though. Its beauty lies in the next level where its real meaning comes to light.

My rating: 07/10

Between Us (2012)

There are numerous truths said in this film. Extreme behaviors that may take place also. The general feeling I had been that of a painting canvas where there may be small beautiful and other not beautiful pieces but the overall picture is far from being nice. This film gave a phony outlook with hard to identify origins. May be it was the lack of a position about the nature of things. Or the material used needed more work. The bottom line is that “Between Us” was not convincing.

My rating: 04/10

Repo Men (2010)

Repo:”Repossession of merchandise or property from a buyer who has defaulted on payment”. As mentioned in the beginning of the movie “if you cannot pay for your house, the bank takes it. If you cannot pay for your liver, here is when I (repo-man) come in”.
A pretty convincing story, given the way things evolve in this world.  When everything is controlled by money, even things like this are possible.
So, there is a good idea about this movie. And as one thinks the rest does not worth zip, it turns out there is a lot more, since a twist of  fate may change a repo-man’s angle of perspective!
So, if your stomach is good and you can see a lot (I mean a lot!) of blood without feeling weird, then, this is a really good science fiction movie for you!

My rating: 09 / 10