Muddy River (Doro no kawa) (1981)

The “Muddy River” of Kohei Oguri belongs to the class of realistic films that analyzes numerous aspects of the human life like a surgeon does with a patient. The memories of a war, the daily
struggle for a not so much rewarding life, the innocense of children, friendship, kindness and desperation in a film which is a masterpiece and should not be missed.

My rating : 09/10

Lincoln (2012)

Image Linkoln will become a classic film for numerous reasons which are more or less obvious. An advantageous subject provided by the life of Abraham Linkoln, the war, the competing politics, the different characters involved etc.provides an excellent material upon to build such a movie. Steven Spielberg with  Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn and Tommy Lee Jones provide a rewarding spectacle.

Focusing on the story told in the film, one can only admire a character like Abraham Lincoln and the efforts to pass the 13th amendment. In fact, one might wish for his country to have such leaders that look beyond their narrow political interest and struggle for the future to come.

My rating: 08/10

Seven Psychopaths (2012)

The “Seven Psychopaths” is a “recursive” movie, i.e. a movie where the plot is referring to … a plot about a movie with the same title/ A self-reference where the boundary between what is in the movie one sees and the movie that the movie is talking about become blurred.
A discussion about war and peace, violence and tolerance, the means to achieve a cause, revenge and forgiveness, but most of all madness.
All that creating an almost seducing mixture that may or may not touch you.

My rating: 07/10