Henry’s Crime (2010)

 A different play from Hollywood… The style, the rhythm, the characters, the plot, the idea, everything is different! How nice! Nothing too deep or fancy but you have a good two hours film that really takes you away nicely, with crooks that have an entirely human aspect (you might say, is this nice?? ethically speaking, of course not), with a plot that is really original (as far as I know), with a justification on a every one’s actions…

My rating: 07/10

X-Men: First Class (2011)

 X-men is a series of movies that breaks the rule “the sequel is worst that the first movie made”. Ok, I am a SciFi fan but X-Men: First Class (2011) is a movie that has better characters at the plot level, a better story, the effects are there but they are not at the expense of the entire movie. I really liked it 🙂

My rating: 08/10

The Names of Love (Le nom des gens) (2010)

 An open movie theater. A clear sky and sparrows flying around a little after sunset … A number of colourful slowly moving spots in the sky: balloons filled with hydrogen rising to their death …

It was not only the movie that was strange … “The Names of Love” is an excellent example on how one may dress sad and severe things about our life with a comedy wrapping… How the experiences of our parents forged our mentality, created our psychological wounds, which in turn master our lives. The way our goals and needs are totally diverse because of our experiences… All these things presented in an ironic, amusing style which makes one laugh at the moment to consider afterwards the severity of the issues presented.

A very good film, totally different from the rest.

My rating: 08/10