Sidewalls (2011) (Medianeras)

A parallelism between a chaotically growing city (Buenos Aires) vs. the chaos and solitude growing in the people’s souls. People living in apartments small like cages, with little light coming in from the sun, trapped in their own phobias, exhausted by trying to understand why and how they face the situation they are in.

There are a number of things I really liked about this film:

  • The emotional exposure of the architect to the piano music heard in her apartment through the wall, which is given in an extremely powerful way.
  • The way the heads of the architect and web designer formed a … heart in the bus stop scene
  • The irony about the Internet which expanded communication and isolated us behind walls (double irony to have this written by a blogger, i.e. myself !!!!)

All the above and more given however with a sense of humor, in an intimate way that really touches one’ s emotions. Original scenario, excellent acting and a direction that makes its point.

One has to open a window to communication even if a wall – or sidewalls! – has to be broken and even if that is against the law: a symbolism that comes effortlessly in the open. A more optimistic artwork than “The Wall” of Pink Floyd :). It also has a happy ending!

My rating: 07/10

The Vow (2012)

A film about the “moments of impact”. That is moments, in one’s life that have a dramatic effect, that lead to change beyond control. Moments and after-effects one has to reconcile with, think upon, make the best out of them. The Vow, being what the word says for something extremely important to someone, may be impossible to keep, because we are only … human,

Given the fact that we are, as individuals, our memories and our processing ability, the mere idea of loosing either of them is something beyond intimidation …

It is a nice film, with a good scenario, acting and realistic…It just leaves you with a feeling that it could be better.

My rating: 06/10

50/50 (2011)

50/50: the changes of staying alive when having a certain form of cancer. Not an easy subject. In one word, this firm is decent. It manages to deal with the psychology of the patient, the parents, the friends, companion relationships, etc in a realistic, non melodramatic way.

When in good mood, it is a good film to watch,

My rating: 06/10

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

 Do I like a tale well told! OK, it is a tale, it is full of clichés, it’s being told before, but it is swift, one flows with the adventure, the mind mesmerized by the plot, emotions bring back memories from the years we were kids…It is that satisfying 🙂 It also breaks the rule: the remake is as good as, or may be better than the original

My rating: 08/10

Detachment (2011)

Teaching. The attempt to make a difference, The failure, at least from the point of view of the film. Dead ends, complexity and chaos. Misery, loneliness and depression. All given in a poetic, gifted and original way. When you are in a really, really good mood, then you may want to see “Detachment“. It also provides a clue why there must be no “detach-ment”.

No rating. IMHO we all need shot of optimism, not of depression, Remember the “Dead Poets Society“?

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)

There are times when the emotions are so intense and lasting that is very hard to put down on writing what is felt. This is a film generating such emotions. May be because it is based on book. May be because it speaks about so many things: death, loss, inability to accept the illogical of death, the relationship between an autistic child and a charismatic father, the overwhelming strength of a Purpose when everything seems to be lost, maturity through pain and many more…

A film that spoke in my heart Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

My rating: 09/10.

The Women on the 6th Floor (2010)

What does it take for someone to be happy? To be “successful”? To have a “social status”? To do what one’s heart demands? To be human and really caring for others? What cost any of these things has and how much is one willing to pay?

“The Women on the 6th Floor” is a film with freshness, humor, subtle irony and hope! Because when a middle-aged man working his entire life in investments discovers his humanity and falls in love, well, there is hope for this world … in movies at least 🙂

It is different, it is moving, you will enjoy it.

My rating: 08/10