Man of Steel (2013)

ManOfSteel_Well, it is nice that in “Man of Steel“, there are several deviations from the well-known story that make the film interesting. It is not just the effects which are expected to be better than the previous releases (and indeed they are). It’s a Superman version which is enjoyable, impressive, rewarding.

My rating: 08/10 (for its kind)

The Sessions (2012)

The Sessions is a Hymn to humanity, humor, strength and perseverance. Ben Lewin created an amazing film which despite the fact that it deals with a very depressing subject manages to make the spectator laugh wholeheartedly in a miraculous manner. Each character in the film is given the right amount of time to display his role and involvement with the main character.

The best film of the festival so far and one of the best films I’ve watched for years.

My rating: 10/10