16th Athens International Film Festival

The time has come again! Another film festival (www.aiff.gr) ready to start and … 20 films to watch! Not so many premieres this year: those movies will be in the theaters during the upcoming season. It’s more on movies that one does not have the chance to see, because it is not expected to have a big audience OR movies that make you .. “click”, if you know what I mean! Reviews will be posted in the blog, of course!

Predators (2010)

Did you like the 1st movie of the series, i.e. Predator? Then, you’ re going to like this one too! It has all it needs a good action / sci-fi movie of its kind. Predators is much better than the 2nd one (Alien vs. Predator), it has an original story, plot turns, intriguing characters and a rewarding ending:). Enjoy!

My rating: 07/10