Monsters (2010)

Monsters is a realistic and … impartial movie. These two attributes may appear weird at first since we are talking about a SciFi movie, but they represent the feeling one gets after seeing it. Do not expect too much action, plot turns,  or frightening surprises. This is not Alien.

It has probably the lowest profile for a SciFi movie of that kind (i.e. encounter with an alien race) and has some things to say about the way we (humans) deal with anything out of the ordinary as well as, who the Monsters really are … As a film it has a better chance to be liked by a cine-file than by the usual SciFi audience.

The story is original, acting is very good, visual effects are convincing and most of all, one gets the sense that this is exactly the way things would evolve under the portrayed circumstances. There are no exaggerations…

The down side of it, is that it leaves the spectator with more to be desired. On the other hand, Gareth Edwards is in his beginning 🙂 Seems promising.

My rating: 06/10