The Snows of Kilimanjaro (2011)

There are several characteristics that make this film unique. Apart from being deeply humane it presents the point of view of each character in the movie, no matter how villain or vulgar he/she is. It does so in a way that is natural and realistic. It shows that people acting in such ways may have a point of view that partly justifies their actions. That paradigm shift may be comforting if one tries to escape from the notion of the good vs. evil, so strongly and naively addressed in general.

It also demystifies the “dreams” that every one of us wants to realize in his life. How much happiness is the realization of such a dream is going to provide? Is it possible that happiness may be as close as understanding and helping someone in need? Even a total stranger!

Well, you should not miss that film. It made me start writing again 🙂

My rating: 10/10