The Company You Keep (2012)

TheCompanyYouKeep_There are numerous things I liked in “The Company You Keep“. Left my thoughts mature for a couple of days before posting this one. It is obviously a film with a political flavor. Apart from that, however, the characters, their beliefs, their emotions are very well presented. Acting is superb and the story is well-developed (based on a book). One must have a lot of guts to shoot such a film now days, even if it is Robert Redford  …

My rating: 09/10

Shadow Dancer (2012)

ShadowDancerShadow Dancer: Choice upon choice when each one is worst than the other. An excellent thriller with numerous turn plots, very good acting, a realistic story and a say I like to keep “There is no solution with violence”.

My rating: 08/10

Smashed (2012)

Smashed by James Ponsoldt  had such a depressing start as a film that almost drove me out of the movie theater. I was glad I did not go. After watching it, it was evident that such a truthful, honest deposition of facts and life situations demanded such an opening.
Alcohol or drugs is an attempt of escape from reality to what we think it is a better place. A place we are not forced to deal with life.
They are other ways too…Many of us know some…But the concept remains.

The acting of Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing (it’s not only the looks 🙂 ).

My rating: 07/10