Elysium (2013)

ElysiumElysium has all the ingredients for a good science fiction film: a good plot, very good acting, convincing visual effects, romance … While watching it I really liked it a lot. There is also truth in the plot, about the exaggerated vision of where we are heading as a civilization.

So, it is a film worthwhile to see, although not as good as District 9 (the previous film of Neill Blomkamp).

My rating: 07/10

District 9 (2009)

District 9 is the first science fiction film where extraterrestrials are in a worse condition than humans, less frightening, more to be sorry about their fate. There is a very good reason behind this, but let us not start the revelations right from the start!

The movie is filmed in a mixed way, something between a documentary and a fiction tale, where several people present their point of view as the story evolves. A very good plot where action, emotion and thought are well-balanced.

The director, Neill Blomkamp places the tale in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was born. Unfortunately nothing much may be told without revealing the film’s plot. So, before seeing the film, keep in mind that there is a lot more than the action taking place. Some things are really strange and make one wonder why they happen. After seeing it, may be, you want to see another interpretation of the film, below the rating 🙂

My rating: 08/10

A Film Interpretation