Woman in the Mist (Oboroyo no onna) (1936)

Heinosuke Gosho has a unique way of presenting in “Woman in the Mist” that a person should not be judged only by one action. His characters may on one hand be bad, sly, cowards, pusillanimous but on the other hand generous, kind, gracious, loving and forgiving. It is a film with a simple story which says a lot about the human soul.

My rating: 07/10

Muddy River (Doro no kawa) (1981)

The “Muddy River” of Kohei Oguri belongs to the class of realistic films that analyzes numerous aspects of the human life like a surgeon does with a patient. The memories of a war, the daily
struggle for a not so much rewarding life, the innocense of children, friendship, kindness and desperation in a film which is a masterpiece and should not be missed.

My rating : 09/10

The Fountain (2006)

TheFountainThe Fountain” is a philosophical film. It presents a point of view about love and death. It is Darren Aronofsky‘s analysis about the meaning of death presented in a really awesome manner. May be this film needs to be watched more than once to be fully understood, but it is really worth it. On top of that, the soundtrack by Clint Mansell is also amazing.

My rating: 09/10

Mission to Mars (2000)

MissionToMars “Mission to Mars” is probably one of the most indifferent Science Fiction films ever. Most of the ideas presented are borrowed from other films leaving a sense of deja-vu. It is hard to believe it is a Brian De Palma film!

My rating: 04/10

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Silver Linings PlaybookThe initial film idea of two people having “certified” mental problems getting together is an excellent one. So is the plot up to the point where the football and betting starts to get a major share of the film. It then becomes gross and childish. But that’s what the majority expects and the film industry wants to provide. Silver Linings Playbook had the potential to be a great film.

My rating: 05/10

Shadow Dancer (2012)

ShadowDancerShadow Dancer: Choice upon choice when each one is worst than the other. An excellent thriller with numerous turn plots, very good acting, a realistic story and a say I like to keep “There is no solution with violence”.

My rating: 08/10