Man of Steel (2013)

ManOfSteel_Well, it is nice that in “Man of Steel“, there are several deviations from the well-known story that make the film interesting. It is not just the effects which are expected to be better than the previous releases (and indeed they are). It’s a Superman version which is enjoyable, impressive, rewarding.

My rating: 08/10 (for its kind)

Stoker (2013)

stokerStoker is a film to be seen twice. Why? Because, as a cinema film critic once said, the message of the film is (almost always) revealed at the beginning. Once the story unfolds, the message presented at the beginning sheds new light to it.

It is a tale full of subtle and obvious insinuations, presented with unique beauty. A screenshot or a small scene have much more to say than what is usually expected. Scene transitions are built in a unique, poetic way. This work of art manages to present violence and atrocities wrapped-up as a present. A present well justified by Chan-wook Park.

Slavoj Zizek certainly would have spoken about this film in “The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006)” if it was filmed before 2006!

My rating: 09/10

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

StarTrekIntoDarknessCan’t say I did not like it. But everything in “Star Trek Into Darkness” was played in another episode of the series. There is nothing original in this film. It is like a patchwork of all previous films and ideas (except probably of the opening which is borrowed from another film). It is amazing: four people participated in the scenario to have this outcome! Seems that the originality of the first TV series is unsurpassed…

My rating: 06/10 (for its kind)

Before Midnight (2013)

BeforeMidnightBefore Midnight, is an ambitious film. There are numerous elements amalgamated that make it interesting. The really interesting philosophical discussions between people of different ages and cultures, the eternal conflicts between the male and female in a couple, the way each of them sees things, their life with their children, their relationship with ex-partners, a really amazing summer scenery in Southern Peloponnese (Greece), the concern of the parents for their children and many more.

It is supposed to be a sequel to Richard Linklater‘s “Before Sunrise (1995)” and  “Before Sunset (2004)” but it has a different style and despite the fact that I liked both of them, it did not ring a bell. There are times where it becomes tiring, but fortunately, they are not many.

Well, make sure you see it when you are not tired, otherwise you will not enjoy it.

My rating: 07/10

After Earth (2013)

AfterEarthThe strongest part of the film is its tag line: “Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice”. No matter how difficult that is, the fact that we fear mostly because of things that might occur in the future but sometimes they do not, makes indeed such fear an insanity.

There is also the relationship between father and son which is well visualized regarding their misconceptions and fears.

Visual effects and the display of a foreign world is also in the film’s good points. The plot is carrying the spectator from start to end without too many surprises. The film is mostly supported by two actors and both ‘s acting is great.

If however someone steps back to think, numerous questions arise:

  • The human race managed to destroy its planet and no one did something to stop it
  • The way out of this mess was provided by a military (!!!) group which acting globally (!!!) evacuated a portion (???) of the Earth’s population to some distant start system. So, common sense and democracy (as much there is of it anyway now days) was not in the position to provide a solution. This is a good tutorial for the subconscious of people who did not reach the point to think for themselves!
  • After 1000 years in the distant planet, even in families there is a military order (!!!). What an evolution!

Well, it is a watchable film 🙂

My rating: 06 /10

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

JackTheGiantSlayerWell, if you have kids, or if a portion of a kid still lurks inside you (!), then you’ll enjoy the play. It is a tale well told. Nothing more 🙂

My rating (for its kind): 07/10

Chopper (2000)

ChopperAfter seeing a good movie from a director I do not know, I try to see other films he made to have a better understanding of his work. Since “Killing the softly” was a film I liked, Chopper of Andrew Dominic was next.

It describes a world of criminals, which is totally outside of any reference a normal person may have. Violence to the extreme, a code of ethics totally alien to me (although I may understand how and why it exists), a film that had nothing to offer but the vision to a world that should not exist in the first place. Does it do it well? Yes. Would I recommend it? No.

My rating: 03/10