One Day (2011)

A relationship that spans a couple of decades between two people, meeting once a year, each supporting its own needs. Each person’s individuality analyzed with coarse lines, one focussing on the superfluous aspects of social recognition, the other to internal needs of self-accomplishment. A love changing faces over the years, coming together and drifting apart while in parallel each is trying to find an appropriate companion…
Photography is excellent especially at the beginning and end of the film, the actors do convey the “truth” of their characters. A sensitive film with an essence of individuality.

My rating: 07/10

PS. Without reducing the value of the film, I did like ‘An Education‘ of Lone Scherfig much more…

An education (2009)

A British film by Lone Scherfig which defines once more the word authenticity. Its characters are real, the problems and reactions to them are found in everyday life. It is located in the past, but if one talks with a teenager he/she will (surprisingly?) find that the same problems roam in its mind today.

It is an amazing film. There are scenes, like the one where the camera shows the student’s feet dancing in the rhythm of music, that are really wonderful. Other scenes which have their strength coming from the scenario, like the one where Carey Mulligan states her opinion about the “message” that school’s teachers pass to the students, with tears in her eyes that really swept me away.

It talks about choices one makes in the course of life, how one thing may lead to another, how even a brilliant mind, in the course of re-inventing the wheel may be led astray. Do not miss it!

My rating: 10 / 10