The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

 Do I like a tale well told! OK, it is a tale, it is full of clichés, it’s being told before, but it is swift, one flows with the adventure, the mind mesmerized by the plot, emotions bring back memories from the years we were kids…It is that satisfying 🙂 It also breaks the rule: the remake is as good as, or may be better than the original

My rating: 08/10

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

The movie begins by saying that “This is a story about a boy and a girl. Be warned though: it is NOT a love story!”. Indeed, it is not… There are things I liked about this movie and things I did not. It had style in the presentation of the story: going back and forth in time, around that time period of the 500 days that the guy was-wasn’t with Summer. There were times when it was really funny. Somehow, it was not “convincing”, it was like there were a couple of things missing to make it a real good movie. So, if you want to see a movie with style, to pass your time, to feel kind-of-romantic, to be with your partner watching it (or not!), then it is a good candidate. But there are much better movies out there 🙂

My rating: 06/10