Source Code (2011)

  Source Code is the second (non-short) film of Duncan Jones (see the review of Moon – his 1st movie). It has an original story, suspense, good acting, plot turns and surprises. With one word, all the ingredients of a good film, plus the fact that it is Science Fiction! There is a basic concept used from Groundhog Day but similarities stop there. Saying anything more would spoil the film.

My rating: 08/10

Moon (2009)

moonMoon is a science fiction film (my favorite species!) talking about people (best of breed). A movie by Duncan Jones, which under a well conceived plot, touches a number of issues: What can be said when a person does not even like its own self? :).  How can he/she like others? What helps a person endure a really hard situation? What is the driver behind all this technology around us and what the limits of this drive? Even if you do not like SciFi films, it is worth seeing! On the other hand, if you do like them, do not be intimidated by the film’s philosophical aspect.

My rating:  8/10