Brilliantlove (2010)

Brilliantlove (which as seeing from imdb was changed to “The Orgasm Diaries” – I wonder why: to be more … catchy??) is a film with … no purpose! One may justify the extreme erotic scenes, which are far from being romantic (as mentioned in the festival’s brochure – although there are a couple of exceptions to justify the rule), IF they are used as a vehicle to convey a message, a concept, a meaning. If a person is helplessly in love with someone else, no matter how stupid he/she may be, shows a minimal (!!!) care for that person, apart from using it as an object of getting pleasure. This lack of care is one of the many non-realities portrayed in the movie. The story is totally unconvincing and at the end, the spectator wonders what the whole … fuss was about!

My rating: 03/10 – the three being purely …  symbolic!