Oblivion (2013)

oblivion Oblivion. Well, it is a good tale. There is an original plot (as far as I know), plot turns, the scenery is very well set up. it has all a science fiction movie would require. However, a good story, a well told story must have a coherent meaning. This is something one does not find here.

My rating: 05/10

TRON: Legacy (2010)

Let’s face it: if a movie has truly scientific grounds, then it is a poem of imagination. If it is just a story of fantasy with no logic behind it, then … well, it is just fiction! Personally, I enjoy much more the first kind. The TRON series falls in the second category. The … shock from the lack and/or distortion of concepts of the 1st movie have (more or less) been absorbed when the 2nd is watched. So, the story seems less outrageous and mind-enerving than the old movie. This is the first plus!

Usually, the 2nd movie is expected not to be as good as the 1st one is. Less expectations bring more pleasure when facing reality. This is a second plus.

Apart however from the above, TRON: Legacy is much better than the original TRON. I am not talking only about the better graphics and the 3D parts which are of course better than those back in 1982. There is a better flow in the play, better acting, a faster and more natural rhythm.

Not of the best Sci-Fi movies, but you may want to watch it video. 3D is not worth the money anyway.

My rating: 06/10