Io sono l’amore (I Am Love) (2009)

Sometimes when you go to see a film which is presented as ‘the best film of the year’ (in our case by the 16th aiff program) you have a lot of expectations. This is human nature and of course, this judgment acts against it!

So, I’ll try to see it from a distance. The plot is good, acting is excellent, the social environment is presented in a convincing manner. There are scenes which have a kind of magic in them, probably worth to see the film just for these: the scene where Tilda Swinton is eating the shrimps plate prepared by Edoardo Gabbriellini, as well the scene where the rain starts to water the faces of the stone statues are superb. There are also scenes where action and music are very well blended, like the one where Tilda Swinton follows Edoardo Gabbriellini in San Remo.

But the love between the two people is not presented to the extent to be convincing: out of a two hours movie, a small fraction is devoted to their coming together. Overall, after seeing “I Am Love“, it leaves the impression that if some things would have been worked more, in a better way, it would be a really great film.

My rating: 07/10

Into Eternity (2010)

Into Enternity is a documentary talking about of the side-effects of one of the civilization’s wonders: nuclear waste. When in the world there are 250.000 tons of nuclear waste that will be harmful for 100.000 years to come, there is an issue with some strange parameters. Nothing that humans ever made lasted more than a tenth of that time. What should be done in order to protect ourselves and the generations to come from the hazard they pose?

The answer with its benefits, drawbacks and questions is given by a facility named Onkalo in Finland. Finland is however one of the many countries using nuclear power to solve their energy problems.

The documentary is well made. It provides a thorough examination of every aspect regarding the problem and the examined solutions. People with different positions and expertise and role (scientists, technicians, legislators) are interviewed to have a global aspect of the problem at hand.

It is a film with a somewhat slow pace. The key messages it conveys could be conveyed in fifteen minutes with a faster, more aggressive presentation. That that would be a totally different film, wouldn’t it?

My rating: 06/10