To tango ton Hristougennon (2011)

 The Christmas Tango, is a simple yet original story. A military camp where the rain seems able to wash to the ground buildings and human souls. People bound to the inhumane rigidness of the military spirit, trying or dreaming to escape. Yet, in this hostile ground, where humanity is a handicap and cruelty is an asset, passion is developed. A passion that has no other means to be expressed socially but through a tango dance. The three minutes of that dance is all that a desperate officer has, to express his feelings to the love of his life. A dance that must be mastered in four days by the officer that knows nothing about dancing.

The scene of tango brings back a phrase a lover of mine once said: “the air between us was so thick, it should be cut with a knife”! An artwork that only a Mediterranean writer, director and cast could accomplish.

My rating: 09/10