Before Midnight (2013)

BeforeMidnightBefore Midnight, is an ambitious film. There are numerous elements amalgamated that make it interesting. The really interesting philosophical discussions between people of different ages and cultures, the eternal conflicts between the male and female in a couple, the way each of them sees things, their life with their children, their relationship with ex-partners, a really amazing summer scenery in Southern Peloponnese (Greece), the concern of the parents for their children and many more.

It is supposed to be a sequel to Richard Linklater‘s “Before Sunrise (1995)” and  “Before Sunset (2004)” but it has a different style and despite the fact that I liked both of them, it did not ring a bell. There are times where it becomes tiring, but fortunately, they are not many.

Well, make sure you see it when you are not tired, otherwise you will not enjoy it.

My rating: 07/10

The Hunt (Jagten) (2012)

TheHuntA friend said couple weeks ago something like “all things that were to be said in films have already been said”. Apart from the fact that cinema is an art and there is never an end to artistic creation, “The Hunt” is one of the films that prove him wrong.

It is a film that raises and (partially) answers so many questions…How well do we know our friends? How sure are we about their character and how willing are we to stand by their side when things get tough? How careful one must be in accepting a “fact” about someone else? Is the same, to make a stand when a problem is born, as making it later on? Hatred, justice, innocence, all exposed and dealt with the precision of a surgeon’s knife by Thomas Vinterberg and amazing performances by all actors, immaterial of age.

A film you should not miss.

My rating: 10/10

The Attack (2012)

The AttackThe Attack” is a film about love, friendship, trust, betrayal, hate, beliefs and much more. First of all, it is a great movie to see. Direction by Ziad Doueiri is excellent, it has a gripping story (L’attentat is a best seller) which combined with the acting of all actors involved totally immerses the spectator in the film’s story. It is also a film that raises numerous issues for discussion.

Most of all, it is from these films that have a point (or more) to make (as I suppose does the book). So, unless the story is unveiled, one cannot really discuss about the film.

Things I liked in the film:

  • The thanking speech of the Arab surgeon when he was awarded the prize
  • The way his memories unfolded about his wife
  • The scene when he was watching the video at the end

So, the rest of the post contains spoilers and it is up to you if you want to read it before or after seeing the film.

My rating: 09/10

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Muddy River (Doro no kawa) (1981)

The “Muddy River” of Kohei Oguri belongs to the class of realistic films that analyzes numerous aspects of the human life like a surgeon does with a patient. The memories of a war, the daily
struggle for a not so much rewarding life, the innocense of children, friendship, kindness and desperation in a film which is a masterpiece and should not be missed.

My rating : 09/10

A Separation (2011)

 A Separation is a lot more than a separation of a man and a woman with a child. The film and script by Asghar Farhadi does not differentiate between good and bad people. It would be so easy! It presents people like everyone we know. May be ever better than the people we know.  People that try to be right thing despite the harsh conditions they face in their lives. Yet, sometimes, things get very tough. In that case, for the ones they love, they may do something they would not have done if they were alone.

It is those people who fight each other, that may drive things to the limit, that sometimes make life unbearable. People which otherwise have good intentions.

At the end, the fight is paid by the ones that are the most innocent of them all: their own children.

A strong plot, realistic, truthful, full of humanity in every aspect, played by a unique cast where every man, woman and child provide a performance that pins the spectator to its seat. The start of the film, with a truly original idea is matched by a really amazing ending.

This is the kind of movie one sees every five years.

My rating: 10/10