Dos (2011)

DOS is not only a fresh, stylish movie. It is probably one of the best romantic movies of all time. Although hard to DOSunderstand at the beginning, things fall in place as the tale progresses. It is a film that should be seen with the heart and not with the mind, anyway. It borrows the “reverse story telling” of memento but has a unique way of presenting the passion of falling in love. As a film teacher once said, “the main story of the movie is said at the beginning of the film”. So Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess, opens the film  with a statement “Οσους τη δύναμη μου σέβονται τιμώ και διαφεντεύω τους άρνητες παραπλανω εκείνους τους τσακίζω” (which in a free translation means: “those who my power respect, I rule and honor, it’s the deniers I mislead and crash”).
The scene where two of the main characters kiss each other, followed by the wind shuffling the photographs in the alley, accompanied by a hugging music, may be compared in beauty with the scene from “American Beauty” where the kids watch from the window the paper sheet toyed by the wind in the air.
Stathis Athanasiou made a wonderful film.

My rating: 09/10

Capital (2012)

 le-capital-poster-01Costas Gavras makes another brilliant film about the workings of our society. The Capital is about the way money controls our world and how it must multiply itself at the expense of people and States. A clever script which outlines the way ambitious people are used by the system and no matter how clever they are, no matter how much they understand about the games played around them, they have no choice, but to serve what they may hate the most. The debate between uncle and nephew during the family gathering, the talk at the end of the film between the banker and the book-author and the closing scene are the essence of the film: a distill of what we face now days. A must see.

My rating: 09/10


Django Unchained (2012)

Django UnchainedPulp Fiction was a milestone picture for me. Since then, I’ve been following Quentin Tarantino‘s movies. But since then, there is a perpetual story with different characters, at a different time and place: a case of injustice where the main character, the hero, must avenge. And then there is a lot of violence, blood spill, atrocities, extreme scenes, that fill the scenery.

You may say: but this is Tarantino! True. May be I am changing and expecting something better or different from Tarantino who, I think, does have the potential to do something over and above a splatter movie.

Anyway: “Django Unchained” has excellent acting from all actors, a very good story (except from a tiny loose end – no spoilers here!) and the “usual” Tarantino style 🙂

My rating: 06/10

The Angels’ Share (2012)


The Angels’ Share (the 2% of the whiskey yearly lost from the cask where it is stored) has a really original plot. It is a tale about young people cornered by life that struggle to find their way. This despite the harsh conditions they face and the fact that most people in their surrounding environment make it even harder. It is most of all, a decent movie.

My rating: 07/10

Lincoln (2012)

Image Linkoln will become a classic film for numerous reasons which are more or less obvious. An advantageous subject provided by the life of Abraham Linkoln, the war, the competing politics, the different characters involved etc.provides an excellent material upon to build such a movie. Steven Spielberg with  Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn and Tommy Lee Jones provide a rewarding spectacle.

Focusing on the story told in the film, one can only admire a character like Abraham Lincoln and the efforts to pass the 13th amendment. In fact, one might wish for his country to have such leaders that look beyond their narrow political interest and struggle for the future to come.

My rating: 08/10