Footnote (2011)

There is originality in this film in many aspects. First of all, Footnote has an innovative story. A story about a father and a son as rival professors in Talmudic Studies. Then, there is a particular way of filming, like face close-ups, scene transitions that add a different flavor to it.

Apart from the above:

  • the radically different views dictating the gap between generations are shown elaborately.
  • The expectations and disappointments of people working for decades on a subject without recognition.
  • The conflict between what is legally right to do and what is right to do from a human perspective.
  • The things unsaid which may be more that the ones discussed.
  • How things happening in our early life affect what we do in the rest of it
  • Competition shown as one of the most poisonous attitudes in our relationship with people we love or work with

A movie with many qualities.

My rating: 07/10