Life of Pi (2012)


What makes a film special? Amazing scenes of beauty? A script that makes one feel complete? One that addresses its inner questions and wonders? Acting that keeps the spectator pinned down on the story told? The story on top of the obvious story? The hope conveyed despite the ugliness that surrounds us and some times presses on us really hard?

May be all of it 🙂 The “Life of Pi” has it all..

My rating: 08/10

PS. One of the most heartbreaking parts of the movie is the one of the separation of Pi with Charlie Parker. What really hurts there, could not be described better.

Taking Woodstock (2009)

talking woodstockTaking Woodstock is a lesson on how one may transform misery into something better (I hate the word “success” so much used these days!), about how people you really love and try to help may step on you because they do not know otherwise and how you may find love and hate where you do not expect them to be found. The scenes where Demetri Martin (playing the main character of the film, Elliot) sees seas of colors under LSD influence prove that [a] cinema IS amazing and [b] Ang Lee should have experienced something similar 🙂

My rating: 8 /10