Rhythm Is It! (2004)

Where should I start? Open-minding, at moments even breath-taking! It is a rare thing for a documentary to have such an emotional impact on the spectator. May be because it touches so many different aspects of our human side, our best side.

The film records the first big educational project of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Simon Rattle and Royston Maldoom and Susannah Broughton. But what is so exciting about it?

First of all, the fact that the dancers of the ballet were kids from eight to twenty years old, from numerous countries, race, color, sex and mostly from social ranks of low-income. Kids, teenagers that could be enemies under other circumstances, were brought and worked together, some became friends.  Because music can reveal to people what they have in common and not where they differ (Sir Simon Rattle).

Second, what dancing shows about the dancers, what they feel about themselves, their attitude towards life. A really amazing revelation by Royston Maldoom.

Third, the music itself, i.e. The Rite of Spring from Igor Stravinsky. An awesome musical piece, may be hard to listen initially with a unique capability: from a tiny fraction that one may like, subsequently other fractions of the play are revealed leading to an understanding of the entire oeuvre. The short introduction to the story and the analysis by Simon Rattle are magnificent.

Fourth, the confessions of kids and well established individuals is more than touching, real, humane.

A film you should not miss!

My rating: 09/10