The Matrix – Film Summary

Neo, unsatisfied by his life, finds Morpheus, a legendary figure which may provide him information about the Matrix. Morpheus presents a choice between a red pill as a road to the truth about the Matrix and a blue pill as the road to oblivion.

Neo takes the red pill, awakes inside a hovercraft governed by Morpheus to discover that the human race is enslaved by an Artificial Intelligence entity called the Matrix. Every human being is hooked through its nervous system to the Matrix, since birth, with nervous signals that provide the illusion of an artificial world, similar to ours. In reality, each human body is trapped inside an incubator, unaware of its situation and Matrix uses the energy produced by the body for its energy needs.

Neo survives the revelation shock and begins his training about the real world. He learns that Matrix-free humans live in Zion, the only human city left. They form groups which hack into the Matrix to help other humans escape.

Morpheus, believes he found in Neo “The One”, the human who by understanding the Matrix’s workings, will be able to free the human race. Neo feels uncertain about the expectation and is also informed by the Oracle, an entity which predicts the future, that when the time comes, he must choose between Morpheus’ s life and his own.

A crew member of Morpheus’s ship, unable to accept the harsh life of the real world, betrays the group in exchange for oblivion and a luxury life inside the Matrix. A number of Agents, independent Artificial Intelligent programs working to protect the Matrix, unbeatable by humans, are after the group. Morpheus, in order to protect Neo, is arrested and tortured by Agents to reveal the access codes to Zion, which would result in annihilation of humanity.

Killing Morpheus to save Zion seems the only choice, but Neo hacks into the Matrix with Trinity, a woman in love with Neo, to free Morpheus. Neo, now ready to give his life, performs the unthinkable, manages to free Morpheus, but trapped by three Agents at the end, is killed inside the Matrix, followed by death of his body in the real world.

A kiss for the first time by Trinity however, brings him back to life, resulting in Neo’s understanding of the Matrix, prevalence over the three Agents and a new era for humanity.

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