Taken (I) (2008)

Taken: Who dares to kidnap the daughter of an ex-CIA talented agent and divorced father? Whoever does it will regret the day he was born! For its kind, not bad 🙂

My rating: 07/10


From Paris with Love (2010)

Am I just unlucky or it is just coincidence? “From Paris with Love” of Pierre Morel, is the 2nd film in a row (see previous post) about the new trend in Hollywood, that being: “you do not know how close to you a terrorist may be”! The annoying thing is that this is a French film! This is a movie that I initially really enjoyed. You know, the type of action, thriller, you want to watch to get a “change of scenery” after a tiring day. If I say more, I’ll reveal the plot which is a “no go”. Luc Besson, on whose story the script was based, has written really impressive stories, Angel-A and The Fifth Element being two of my favorites. Seems that the “terrorist” issue is the next fashionable initiative. What can I say? It is not a conspiracy getting all these kind of movies out there but may be, may be, if we do not go to see them, somebody will get the message and check on the next fashionable initiative! We have enough terror in our lives with all the stuff going on, do we really need more??
My rating: 01/10