Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (2013)

PussyRiots-APunkPrayerHad to see what it was all about and did not regret a second of this film. It is more a documentary than a music film since the main purpose and meaning lies in the movement these women do. They are women with b@ll$ if you pardon my expression!

Rising a voice against a totalitarian regime, requires a lot of courage. Having to deal with prison, harassment for those you love requires a lot more.

One point I do not agree is insulting the beliefs of others. But, as far as I could see in the film, this was not a true intention. It was a bad side-effect that was intelligently used by the regime to exert true punishment, to shut the voices that object for ever.

It is true that all those that benefit from that regime have every motive to pursue that cause. How else could they be in these positions?

But history shows that whenever someone attempts to destroy a just opposition, this works like a boomerang.

My rating: 07/10

PS. Do you believe that what is described here, is happening in 2013?

Luton (2013)

LutonLuton is another elegy to violence. While on ‘Harmony Lessons‘ it was justified (as much as such thing may be so) in Luton, it comes out as a psychological need, it is more atrocious, unjustified and repulsive. Have to admit I left before the end of the film because the scenes were very shocking. So I might have.missed the meaning (?) of the film. Due to reasons analyzed on the previous post, this is not a good film for me.

My rating: 02/10

Harmony Lessons (2013)

HarmonyLessonsHarmony Lessons is an elegy to violence. Violence at school used by gangs to terrorize kids and get money. Ironically more intense, brutal and sophisticated violence is used by police authorities on the name of the law. A circle of violence out of which the use of brains and violence is shown as the only way out.
If this is the message of the film (just leaving a question mark in case I did not understand it) I strongly disagree. We have so much violence in our lives around us, both physical and psychological, that yet another show of it is too much.
Bertolt Brecht said that “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society but rather a hammer to shape it”. Personally I am looking for artists that try to shape a better world.

My rating: 03/10

The Past (Le passé) (2013)

LePasseAfter seeing Asghar Farhadi‘s film “A Separation“, I expected a lot from “The Past“. Expectation is the best way to ruin your moments :). Anyway. “The Past” is a very good film, dealing with relationships between people, the feelings they have, the way they clutter their judgement, the effort they make to discover the truth in themselves, and the search for a truth which may be well hidden behind lies and misunderstandings.

Excellent acting even by children, with an unusual plot for its kind, it is a film exploring the question: can we leave our past behind and move ahead?

My rating: 08/10

Love Eternal (2013)

LoveEternalLove Eternal: original story, good acting, on the up-side. Morbid, repulsive, creating a strong urge to leave the movie theater on the down side. Makes one wonder why someone would create such a film.

My rating: 03/10 – such a high rating just for a spark of optimism

Kill Your Darlings (2013)

killYourDarlings An attempt to think, relate to others and act without limits. An effort to challenge the status-quo, to pave a new path, no matter what the cost.

My rating: 07/10

Illusion (2013)

illusionIllusion by Savvas Karydas is a film-noir. with a good story, plot turns, convincing characters, where things change to the last moment.

My rating: 07/10