Anna (2009)

 A short film about a twelve-year-old girl, Anna, abandoned by her father, left with her mother. A struggle to unite what cannot be brought together, or how the actions of grown-ups ruin the lives of their children. Strong, realistic, with an excellent script, acting and direction.

My rating: 07/10

Two birds (Smáfuglar) (2008)

Two birds: realistic, sensitive, humane, with two amazing actors playing the main characters. Again: saying anything more for the short film will spoil it. This film is also available in YouTube: Do NOT miss it.

My rating: 08/10

The Last Farm (2004)

 The Last Farm is a short film about old age and companionship. Mentioning anything significant would spoil the film. It is uploaded in YouTube with English subtitles.

My rating: 06/10.