Hereafter (2010)

As mentioned in the film, death is a sensitive matter. Different people, different views about what happens next. We are so much accustomed to action movies, with turn plots, with action that when a movie comes with an unanswered question by its own nature, we just feel disappointed. Hereafter is not like any of the previous Clint Eastwood movies.

For this film, one has to give credits to also to the script by Peter Morgan. The entire cast was excellent, I adored Matt Damon and Cécile De France, even Frankie McLaren (playing the 12-year old kid) with such a difficult role for its age.

If one wants to enjoy the film, he/she must see it with an open mind and without expecting a solution to the eternal question. Who knows, then some things may make sense 🙂

My rating: 08/10

Invictus (2009)

There are times in the human history where a nation points out an inspired leader to lead it to a better future. There are even fewer times where that leader uses a reconciliation approach to make this happen. Nelson Mandela was such a leader, that had the emotional strength to forgive the very people that imprisoned him for twenty seven years in a tiny cell, in order to bring peace to his country.

Clint Eastwood makes an very good film, based on a book by John Carlin (Playing the Enemy), about a specific period of Mandela’s life, the time that he was elected as president and foresaw that rugby could be used as a  vehicle to achieve his goal: mitigate hate between black and white in his country.

Morgan Freeman is excellent in Mandela’s role as well as Matt Damon in the role of Francois Pienaar, the leader of the rugby team.

There are films that have a certain quality and you feel you did not waste your money and time. There are even fewer in that category that make you feel that there is hope for the human race. This is one of them!

My rating: 10/10

PS. info about Invictus (may want to have a reference after seeing the play)