Another Year (2010)

From time to time, comes a film that is so true about people, life and human relationships, that it really hurts. Most of the characters presented in “Another Year” are middle-aged or older. A couple of them have come to terms with life, to know their inner-self and enjoy everyday life, being happy with what it offers. Others trapped in the unwillingness to face their real issues,  strive to escape by day-dreaming, drinking, eating etc.

All the above is portrayed with outstanding performances from all the actors, in a simple way, like actually witnessing scenes from every day life of the characters involved. Short camera shorts from face expressions convey more meaning that a page of a book and one gets the feeling, more than in other movies, that scenes were carefully designed one-by-one to convey a specific meaning.

Mike Leigh created an amazing film that you should not miss.

My rating: 09/10

PS. A cherished friend pointed out that similarity of the main idea of the play with the verses of “Diafanos by Thanasis Papakonstantinou (inspired by the “Poem to be read and sung” of César Abraham Vallejo Mendoza'”. How true!

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  1. A film which seems deceivingly simple: everyday characters, with everyday problems leading everyday lives. There is such truth in it, that an alien coming from another plannet could understand human life just by watching this film! The performances, as in every Mike Leigh film, are so natural, that it does not feel like one is watching a film at all; rather, it is like dropping in on your friends.

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