Certified Copy (Copie conforme) (2010)

From where should I start? It is like the confusion that transcends the movie really disorganizes your own thoughts! This film reminds me of recipes that do have excellent and expensive ingredients to finally produce after several hours of preparation a really indifferent (if not bad) meal!

Abbas Kiarostami in Certified Copy has created a story which starts in an interesting way, has an exchange of ideas along the way which seem provocative, propagates efficiently the tension that exists between the characters to the spectator to reach a specific point where things start to become clear: it all has to do with the well-known conflicts between man and woman in a couple, the different point of view, the different needs that each of them has.

The excellent acting of the entire cast, cannot however save the movie: there are several ‘firecrackers’ thrown here and there to denote a kind-of philosophical flavor, not well related to the main idea of the film, as well as an attempt to provide an ideological background about what might save relationships ready to collapse. So, what a woman is always seeking is a strong man ,to lay her head to his shoulder. That should solve all her problems! Seems that the concept of having equal partners that may stand on their own feet in a relationship, is written in a letter that was never delivered to the director.

Has Kiarostami seen ‘Scenes from a Marriage‘ of  Ingmar Bergman? It is one of the films to see about man-woman relationships.

My rating: 04/10