The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network is a film that makes you wonder at several levels. To start with, a film is never just a film. It conveys the beliefs, values and point of views of its creator. In this case, things may be a bit different since the movie discusses a real case of life.

So one question here is how unbiased and objective is what is presented about the story of Facebook? Well, there are different opinions published and finally one .. just does not know!

On the other hand, even if the whole truth was known to the director, what he chooses to show, is what he considers to be the most important for his movie. So, this very choice at the end, partly conveys parts of himself. Given that angle, there are a lot of things that might be discussed, especially since David Fincher also created “Fight Club“.

Regarding the movie now: what is happening is presented with a fast pace, very well describing the main character, the underlying mentality and motives, the moves made, the lack of morality as well as all the key points of the story (provided that this is indeed the story). It is an excellent movie, given brilliantly. It is a blue print of our times, no matter how depressing that might be, for the lack of values we now-days suffer from. And I know what the answer to that is …

My rating: 08/10

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