Macherovgaltis (2010)

A world painted in all shades between grey and black, where the lumpen main three characters seem to live in a life with no purpose, no goals, no happiness, just to sustain an unjustified existence. A foul language is the starting and ending channel of every verbal communication between the three of them. The surrounding characters and places intensify the feelings of the spectator: meaningless discussions, threatening looks, reasonless fights and beatings. Fear and violence are the two sides of the same coin.

It is hard to relate to such a world. “Macherovgaltis” however depicts it extremely well, to the degree one may judge from what is presented. A tight direction, excellent cast and fast changing scenes like quick brushes on a canvas show a lot about places and people in a very short time. Photograph of both sceneries and people make an interesting movie to watch only for this quality.

My rating: 06/10