Looper (2012)

Although a science fiction fan, this film is not the best of breed. Except for its ending.

My rating: 07/10


  1. I saw this movie … and it was okay. Quickly forgot about it to tell you the truth. Interesting premise and competent acting …

    • Well, Science Fiction is the literature/filming that speaks in alternative/prophetic/challenging ways about … almost anything. All begins with the question “what if…”. In this genre, there are really gigantic movies like:
      – Inception
      – The City of the Lost Children
      – The Matrix
      – Fahrenheit 451
      – V for Vendetta
      – The Man from Earth
      – Avatar
      – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
      – Blade Runner
      – District 9

      to name a few and not … rewrite imdb 🙂
      The mere fact that you quickly forgot about it says a lot 🙂

      • Blade Runner is my all time have … Inception is a very close second ….

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