Sidewalls (2011) (Medianeras)

A parallelism between a chaotically growing city (Buenos Aires) vs. the chaos and solitude growing in the people’s souls. People living in apartments small like cages, with little light coming in from the sun, trapped in their own phobias, exhausted by trying to understand why and how they face the situation they are in.

There are a number of things I really liked about this film:

  • The emotional exposure of the architect to the piano music heard in her apartment through the wall, which is given in an extremely powerful way.
  • The way the heads of the architect and web designer formed a … heart in the bus stop scene
  • The irony about the Internet which expanded communication and isolated us behind walls (double irony to have this written by a blogger, i.e. myself !!!!)

All the above and more given however with a sense of humor, in an intimate way that really touches one’ s emotions. Original scenario, excellent acting and a direction that makes its point.

One has to open a window to communication even if a wall – or sidewalls! – has to be broken and even if that is against the law: a symbolism that comes effortlessly in the open. A more optimistic artwork than “The Wall” of Pink Floyd :). It also has a happy ending!

My rating: 07/10