Seconds (1966)

 Did you ever think that you took a wrong path in your life? In that case, would you like to have a second chance? Start all over again? But, do you really know what you need? What will you do with that second chance? What went wrong the first time to make it work out with the given opportunity?

Seconds is a film that addresses the questions above in its own unique way, questions that will never cease to be contemporary from a conceptual point of view, because they relate to the fabric of the human soul. John Frankenheimer does an amazing job in viusualizing the unternal conflicts of its characters as well as their interactions with the environment. What is more interesting is that its filming is even now breath-taking.

So, if you are interested in an excellent story, kind-of science fiction, thriller, social comment this is a film you will never forget.

Mt rating: 09/10