2012 (2009)

2012As a Sci-Fi, blockbuster fun, This is a film I was looking forward to see. Did not spend too much time reading critics around because I wanted to have a first hand impression. Alas :(.

Special effects are really amazing. It is also a fact that a movie with special effects is best enjoyed in a film theater. But on the other hand, even such a movie needs a minimum of of other ingredients. They just are not there! There is humor in scenes that it should not be: is it funny to show a man lying bleeding in the ground, when the world around is falling apart? On the other hand, scenes that are really melodramatic seem so fake… Is it the direction, the acting, the exaggeration, the fact that I have seen to many of them, or that I expected something new? May be a little bit of everything. The plot is not strong either.

One thing is for sure: it was not lack of money that created such a film. It was just the approach that since we have such amazing special effects, we need have nothing more! Or we need not spend time to have it! Should someone accept such an approach? Not as far as I am concerned.

Ronald Emmerich, has directed a number of films I really do like. The day after tomorrow, Independence Day, Stargate are good movies I enjoyed. Not this one.

My rating 1/10 (and this one is just for the special effects!)