The Meaning of Life (2005)

The Meaning of Life” of Don Hertzfeldt is a short annimated film which you may see here. Austerity in the design, simple (but not simplistic), it shows the essence of the human (or extraterrestrial!!!) nature, the tendency we have to look at our (sometimes) small problems, argue, scream, feel sad, while all these things seem so … small when we look at the beauty of the bigger picture 🙂

My rating: 06/10

Woman in the Mist (Oboroyo no onna) (1936)

Heinosuke Gosho has a unique way of presenting in “Woman in the Mist” that a person should not be judged only by one action. His characters may on one hand be bad, sly, cowards, pusillanimous but on the other hand generous, kind, gracious, loving and forgiving. It is a film with a simple story which says a lot about the human soul.

My rating: 07/10