One step ahead (2013)

onestepaheadDocumentaries is not my favorite species of film. One has to drag me seeing one of them, as it happened this time. Well, I was glad I saw this one for numerous reasons.

  • The fact that in real life, there are people who can win over a rotten political establishment. It is not fiction, it is reality!!!
  • The fact that people at the age of Yiannis Boutaris, a winemaker, who did so many things in his life, have the desire and the energy to offer so much more for the common good

are two things that really stand-out to impress the spectator, especially if he/she knows what goes on in Greece.

From the artistic point of view, it was impressive the way the past was interwoven with the future, the presentation of the main character and the presentation of the mechanisms of politics.

This is a really enjoyable documentary that despite its length (126 min) is watched without getting one tired. It is a film that really feels we are going ‘one step ahead‘.

My rating: 09/10


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  1. I enjoyed it because it approaches the subject from many points of view: it shows YB as a real person (and he is certainly an interesting one), Greek politics, political marketing, the role that the church plays in Greek society and the everyday problems that a city dweller faces. I believe that Greeks and foreigners will find it interesting and really should not consider its duration as a drawback. Great use of music, too!

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