Luton (2013)

LutonLuton is another elegy to violence. While on ‘Harmony Lessons‘ it was justified (as much as such thing may be so) in Luton, it comes out as a psychological need, it is more atrocious, unjustified and repulsive. Have to admit I left before the end of the film because the scenes were very shocking. So I might have.missed the meaning (?) of the film. Due to reasons analyzed on the previous post, this is not a good film for me.

My rating: 02/10

Harmony Lessons (2013)

HarmonyLessonsHarmony Lessons is an elegy to violence. Violence at school used by gangs to terrorize kids and get money. Ironically more intense, brutal and sophisticated violence is used by police authorities on the name of the law. A circle of violence out of which the use of brains and violence is shown as the only way out.
If this is the message of the film (just leaving a question mark in case I did not understand it) I strongly disagree. We have so much violence in our lives around us, both physical and psychological, that yet another show of it is too much.
Bertolt Brecht said that “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society but rather a hammer to shape it”. Personally I am looking for artists that try to shape a better world.

My rating: 03/10