The Past (Le passé) (2013)

LePasseAfter seeing Asghar Farhadi‘s film “A Separation“, I expected a lot from “The Past“. Expectation is the best way to ruin your moments :). Anyway. “The Past” is a very good film, dealing with relationships between people, the feelings they have, the way they clutter their judgement, the effort they make to discover the truth in themselves, and the search for a truth which may be well hidden behind lies and misunderstandings.

Excellent acting even by children, with an unusual plot for its kind, it is a film exploring the question: can we leave our past behind and move ahead?

My rating: 08/10

Love Eternal (2013)

LoveEternalLove Eternal: original story, good acting, on the up-side. Morbid, repulsive, creating a strong urge to leave the movie theater on the down side. Makes one wonder why someone would create such a film.

My rating: 03/10 – such a high rating just for a spark of optimism