September (2013)

SeptemberThe story is simple and the strength of the movie is not in the story. It is in the acting (even by small kids), the direction and the fact that it is one of these movies where almost everything is said without words. It is the face of the actor, the scenes, the sequence of the events that convey all the feelings about the loss of someone you love, the struggle to get some support while in that position, and what other people are willing to do (or not) in order to help. It is also about life itself, which has its turns and the light may hit you when you are inside the tunnel. Humane, realistic and optimistic (after all).

My rating: 08/10


  1. The film is a very sensitive look in the life of a young, very lonely person. It has a documentary feel and clear influences from Woody Allen, very good acting from the two ladies and seems like an overlap between the real world and a dream world. I enjoyed it and it gave me a deeper understanding and hopefully greater tolerance, towards people who have acute, unfulfilled needs.

  2. Sorry, the part about Woody Allen influences was obviously meant for another film (Frances Ha)… but the rest stil stands!

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