Frances Ha (2012)

FrancesHaA unique film conveying through the power of black and white, the feelings of love, loneliness, insecurity and the constant struggle of the self into accomplishment, to make the dream (or a part of it anyway) to come through, despite all odds. Honest, realistic, with short scenes following one after another, in accordance to the rhythms of an accelerated life. Aesthetically beautiful scenes intensifying the above. A film which has its funny moments but is more of a drama than a comedy.

My rating: 07/10

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  1. This is a film about growing up, making plans which fall through, taking unexpected turns in life, growing slowly more mature, relationships, life. It is like a breeze of fresh air in the world of Hollywood, which leaves you with a smile. And, yes, it is influenced by Woody Allen, but still has a personal touch. Looking forward to the director’s next film.

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