Man of Steel (2013)

ManOfSteel_Well, it is nice that in “Man of Steel“, there are several deviations from the well-known story that make the film interesting. It is not just the effects which are expected to be better than the previous releases (and indeed they are). It’s a Superman version which is enjoyable, impressive, rewarding.

My rating: 08/10 (for its kind)


  1. I saw this movie and I hated it, but … it had it’s moments. This flick is basically Superman 1 and 2 … I liked Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner … the other actors were just okay IMO. This film lacked the charm of the original Superman … okay I get that this film is more ambitious thematically, but I think I would have preferred to read a book about it than to see the movie. The female characters could have been played by any actress … and the man of steel looked good, but he lacked the appeal and heart of the original.

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