After Earth (2013)

AfterEarthThe strongest part of the film is its tag line: “Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice”. No matter how difficult that is, the fact that we fear mostly because of things that might occur in the future but sometimes they do not, makes indeed such fear an insanity.

There is also the relationship between father and son which is well visualized regarding their misconceptions and fears.

Visual effects and the display of a foreign world is also in the film’s good points. The plot is carrying the spectator from start to end without too many surprises. The film is mostly supported by two actors and both ‘s acting is great.

If however someone steps back to think, numerous questions arise:

  • The human race managed to destroy its planet and no one did something to stop it
  • The way out of this mess was provided by a military (!!!) group which acting globally (!!!) evacuated a portion (???) of the Earth’s population to some distant start system. So, common sense and democracy (as much there is of it anyway now days) was not in the position to provide a solution. This is a good tutorial for the subconscious of people who did not reach the point to think for themselves!
  • After 1000 years in the distant planet, even in families there is a military order (!!!). What an evolution!

Well, it is a watchable film 🙂

My rating: 06 /10