The Hunt (Jagten) (2012)

TheHuntA friend said couple weeks ago something like “all things that were to be said in films have already been said”. Apart from the fact that cinema is an art and there is never an end to artistic creation, “The Hunt” is one of the films that prove him wrong.

It is a film that raises and (partially) answers so many questions…How well do we know our friends? How sure are we about their character and how willing are we to stand by their side when things get tough? How careful one must be in accepting a “fact” about someone else? Is the same, to make a stand when a problem is born, as making it later on? Hatred, justice, innocence, all exposed and dealt with the precision of a surgeon’s knife by Thomas Vinterberg and amazing performances by all actors, immaterial of age.

A film you should not miss.

My rating: 10/10